Artificial Intelligence:


With AI, AEC firms can develop a cost estimate that is more in line with the final cost, allowing the industry to shed its poor history of going over budget.

Briq is a corporate performance management platform built to make the lives of construction financial professionals easier, and to make contractors more profitable.

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Stakeholders across the project life cycle—including contractors, operators, owners, and service providers—can no longer afford to conceive of AI as technology that’s pertinent only to other industries.

What's Inside

AI can positively impact the construction industry in multiple ways, from preconstruction to after a project is completed.


AI can lead to safety enhancements on a construction site. And an increase in safety has many positives – first and foremost that employees stay healthy.


Data doesn't make a bit of difference unless it's been analyzed. This time-consuming task is best handled by AI, which can review the data for anomalies.

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