CPM for Construction Financial Managers

Benefits of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) 

When management is getting timely, useful, consistent, and relevant information/data from a CPM system, they can be more confident in the decisions they’re making.

Briq is a corporate performance management platform built to make the lives of construction financial professionals easier, and to make contractors more profitable.

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Current CPM software is cloud based. People can work from anywhere – even a construction site – and have access to pertinent information. While many people work from home, cloud-based CPM can keep construction financial professionals connected wherever they are.

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CPM enables companies to develop a streamlined and more productive workflow. The key is to improve communication throughout an organization. Companies can be more thorough in their analysis of their processes when they have data from multiple systems aggregated in one system.

What's Inside!

How CPM is used by the financial suite

With CPM, a finance department can move beyond the often tedious and time-consuming chore of producing reports.

Benefits of CPM for construction financial managers

CPM software reduces the risk of errors and gives greater insight into your financial status through improved reporting facilities.

The Benefits of


A single source of truth for your financial and operational data